TICA judging cat show


Modern mixed with Moderate

Every Cat considered for breeding must be mentally and physically sound. We try and focus on Modern Style cats, however, not all of our cats are of "extreme" type. We put health above all, then temperament, then lastly, type. While most of our cats can and do show, we are not a cattery that solely focuses on making show winners. We breed for what we think is best, which is razor sharp profiles, balanced earset, green eyes and happy, healthy cats.



what you can expect with our kittens



Core Vaccines, Parasite control and Microchipping

Each kitten is given age appropriate, core vaccines,(FHV1/FCV/FPV/Rabies).They get topical parasite control and a microchip implant. We DO NOT give: FeLV, FIP, or Bordetella vaccines. we suggest you research them and discuss with your vet to determine whats best for your situation. 


We practice ESN

We do ESN (early spay/neuter) with all our kittens. All pet kittens are altered prior to placement NO EXCEPTIONS. We have wonderful vets who performs these surgeries for us and the kittens do very well.


we are a "no-Declaw" cattery

We love our kittens. That is why we are a NO DECLAWING cattery. Onychectomy, even if done by laser, is a risky and non-beneficial practice. It has a large risk for behavioral problems such as biting and urine marking, along with increase risks in very painful arthritis. The short term pain may be minimal, but long term can be crippling. In he UK his practice is considered very cruel and is not done. until we here in the USA improve our stance, we will have it in our contract that you may not have Onychectomy/Tendonectomy performed on our kittens.


Oriental Longhairs/Balinese are the Longhair cousin breed of the Oriental Shorthair and Siamese.They are often called "slinkies" for obvious reason. They are long, lean cats, many with stunning green/Blue eyes and large, flared out ears. Many are said to be highly intelligent, playful, and demanding. OLH/Balinese range from extremely outgoing with strangers to reserved/one person only cats. However to befriend an OLH/Balinese is to have a loyal cat for life. OLH/Balinese have been known to be great cats to clicker and leash train. 

Orientals are not a good pet for everyone. Busy owners will find that having an oriental can be tough, as these are active, social cats who value cuddling. In colder climates, you may want to provide your thin coated Oriental with a heated bed, since they do get cold easy. Some are destructive like tiny gremlins and have been known to steal objects and hide them. An Oriental must have plenty to do. Some owners have to "baby proof" the home in order to stop a stubborn slinky from stealing the bread.

Orientals/Balinese are mouthy. They will often meow or cry to express emotion, even when its 2am, and you need sleep! Some even have very raspy, downright unplesant voices that only a mother could love. This is not a breed that will be quiet.

This is a cat who is extremely sensitive to anger, change and worry. You can never force them to do anything they do not want to, or you may be sorry. Many need another friendly cat to be friends with. They love to snuggle. 

If you still feel that you would be a good home for one of our slinkies, you are in for an adventure. While they do take more work than a "normal" cat, the reward of sharing your life with these little guys is wonderful. They are almost otherworldly in their ability to understand humans. Once you have shared your life with one, you will never want to be without. 

Note: despite popular belief, these cats are not hypoallergenic and can and do trigger allergies. some owners do report that they trigger them less that other breeds. It varies from individual.