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Taking home a cat or kitten from us is an exciting event. We want you to know that each and every cat from Trailhawk cattery was loved and treated like pets, not livestock. They are not just “things” to us, they are like our children. Please go over the following tips to ensure the best possible care for your new pet.

 Our cats are fed primarily a chicken based raw diet that was formulated by a veterinarian. It is made by using a heavy duty meat grinder. While our cats do best on this diet, they can be switched to a primarily wet food diet with some dry. We do not recommend feeding a dry only diet for our cats. In recent times, there has been a “grain free” trend in pet foods. While we do think cats need to eat diets rich in animal protein, not every diet is the same. We encourage buyers to read product labels and avoid foods that contain large amounts of beans, peas/legumes/chickpeas and potatoes. While some cats can handle these in SMALL amounts, it gives our kitties gas and digestive upset. Another thing to avoid in large amounts (usually seen in wet food) is guar gum. Small amounts seem to be tolerated. Orientals/Balinese have been known to have digestive problems, and this is why we feel raw homemade food is the best. Linked below is the website to Dr. Perisons site on raw food making. We also do feed whole prey such as frozen feeder mice and chicken drumsticks on occasion for chewing/dental health. If you decide to do so, please follow sanitary practices and put your cat in a crate so they do not get gems all over the house, and you can sanitize. 

 We use equine pine pelleted litter that can be found at Tractor Supply, Family farm and home, and other farm/garden stores. Our choice of litter pan is anything large and uncovered. Please provide one pan per cat, and make sure every level of the home has a pan in it (do not just put a pan in the basement. Some kittens will not understand it is down there) if you have any litter issues please do not wait to contact us and we will work it out. Included with price of each cat is free behavioural consults provided by myself via email. 

 Our kittens are use to a kitty drinking fountain with bottled water. At time of writing, we like the “cati” fountain in the large size. Any fountain will do as long as it is kept clean. Tap water is fine as long as it is drinkable in your area. If no fountain is possible, a stainless steel large dog bowl works just fine as well. Cats like clean, aerated water and getting a fountain will encourage them to drink more water.

 Cats are given Frontline or Revolution every month for parasite control. We suggest only using products that are sold from the vet (frontline is now over the counter, which is fine too) please do not use flea collars or sprays. AVOID any Saergent or harzt brand products, as they have a history of seriously harming/killing cats

 Cats leave us fully vaccinated unless previously stated. We DO NOT give FIP or FIV/FELV vaccines and do not recommend they be given to our cats. Rabies vaccines are not required by law in all areas, but we still give the purvaxx rabies shot to our kittens before leaving. Please check with your vet on Rabies vaccine protocol in your area.

 Orientals have thin coats with no undercoat to keep them warm. You must give your cat a warm place to sleep. Most will choose you or another pet, but we suggest having a seperate bed for them. Our favorte beds have sherpa lining and mylar “reflective” inserts and can be purchased off Chewey or Amazon. We also give our cats a “snuggle safe” disc. This is a microwavable disc that can be wrapped up and put into a bed. It is non electric and safe as long as you do not overheat it. A properly insulated disc will stay warm for 8 hours. We keep several for our cats in the cold months. 

 Cats need sunlight for wellbeing. Please give your cat access to a window. Catios are even better. Our cats are use to being able to warm up in the catio. If you are not sure about your screens being cat proof, you can cover the screens with hardware cloth. We do not allow our cats to rip at screens, but cats will be cats, and better safe than sorry. 

 To burn off energy, we give our cats a cat wheel. There are many designs for sale. Please email us for suggestions as we are currently testing out new ones as they come out. 

 Our kittens were started on harness and leashes. If you decide to continue leash training your cat, please let us know and we will help. Our kittens are not allowed to simply bolt out the door and must be hand carried outside with harness on. “Kitty holster” and “Come with me kitty” is our preferred brand. We use a puppy sized training leash and never retractable ones for safety. 

It is very important to set up a “room” for your new cat before you bring him/her home. A large soft sided dog crate is best. You can fit a bed, a small litterpan, and food/water dishes. This may seem mean to confine a cat for a few days in such small space, but it is for the best for the cat, and only temporary. Many pet parents make the mistake of just letting a new cat loose in a bedroom or a home. This is not good for a few reasons. Orientals are sensitive cats. Even the best, well socialized ones may have a hard time for the first week or so.  If they are loose, they may go into a hidden space where the new owner cannot check on them. They may be overwhelmed. Having them in a smaller space gives them a safe feeling. They will feel safer and be less likely to stop eating or have accidents. Until a routine is established, an Oriental may not feel safe. They are creatures of routine. Keep in mind that our kittens were born with us, and have lived with us for 4+ months of their lives, and they do not know any other way. Please adhere to the rules of keeping your new cat/kitten confined for a few days for the best possible outcome. If your new kitten acts scared, or even hisses, please forgive them as well. They will get over it, and you will look back and laugh at how silly they acted. We promise you, your kitten/cat will be attached to you in no time. If your new kitten/cat is acting like he/she is at home, you may put them in a small bathroom or other space after a few days. Please hold off on introducing new pets to your kitten/cat until they are comfortable with you. Do not let children or other pets to bother a new kitten/cat for a few days.

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