How i got started, and our home

I started showing Oriental cats in 2013. After attending countless shows, obtaining every cat book on earth, and talking with my mentors for over two years i had the opportunity to have my first litter of Oriental kittens and start my breeding program. Since then i have never stopped learning and challenging myself to raise the best cats who could be both a showcat and a companion. 

Before showing purebreds i actively rescued stray cats and operated my own cat rescue for 10 years called Tiny Tales. Rescuing cats not only taught me animal husbandry but the importance of animal welfare and producing cats who can adapt to todays modern lifestyle. I am still a big supporter of TNR and rescue and am proud to donate to my local spay/neuter clinic and manage a feral cat colony in my own backyard. 

My husband is a supporter of the cattery and is always building our cats shelves, trees, and recently a large walk out catio. We both do this as a hobby and work regular jobs, and share the most important job of snuggling kittens.

I am Nehiyaw and Polish from the Detriot area, Michigan. Currently transplanted in Ohio, cats and learning about them has been my lifes work. Along with breeding and rescue i have worked on farms, and wrote several feline behavioural articles. My queen Khajiit is my heart cat and i truly enjoy sharing her "Jeetie babies" with you all.



Our home is our cattery. our breeding queens live as pets, free in our home. They are petted, cuddled and loved on every single day. They sleep in our beds, our couches, our laps, our chests. We have turned our 3 bedroom home into a cats paradise with shelves, trees, heated beds, two outdoor catios and exercise wheels for our high energy cats. This year we installed vinyl flooring in all the cat areas to help keep their environment as sanitary as possible. Each cat is given consideration for what they need as individuals including opportunities to get one on one attention. We have natural lighting along with enclosed outdoor spaces. Our studs get the same opportunities and attention as the girls (some with "stud pants" on since boy cats often mark,the pants catches urine)

Kittens are cuddled and handled every day and often go to their homes as accomplished snugglers. every single kitten is named and loved as members of the family and while its hard to let them go, its worth it to see pictures of them happy in their new families. 



Showing is important to me. Its not just for pretty ribbons or bragging rights, its a way of life. Breeding is a very serious artform that should be respected. Showing cats allows me to meet new breeders, see their cats hands on, and see how other cats are performing. It helps us make and keep the relationships needed to work together to preserve the breed. Its a way for us to meet and help new breeders be responsible and goal oriented. I am a firm believer in having mentors and breeding partners, and using domestic lines, not just import, in my breeding program. How can you understand your cats and where they come from if you are not out there seeing other lines, talking to other breeders in person? How can you test the temperaments of your stock without attending shows and allowing the judges to handle them? I am a breeder who values the cat show and values the collective knowledge and years of experience my mentors share with me. I am lucky to have great mentors who share the same goals as producing sound cats and who take the time to always be learning and researching the breed.