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please email completed questionnaire to:

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Do you rent or own?

How many people are in your household? 

Do you have children? Ages?

Pets? Type, age, breed etc

Do they go outside? Are they up to date on vaccines? spayed/neutered?

Do you have oriental or purebred cat experience? 

What attracts you to the breed?

Are you familiar with the common health issues facing the breed? Can you describe them?

Do you plan to show your cat?

Any Allergies in the home?

At what age will you declaw the cat? Will you do laser or traditional surgery?

What diet do you plan on feeding?

Do you have a vet that is familiar with purebred cats?

This breed is very chatty, active, and gets into things like food. They may meow alot or steal your dinner. What will you do in those events?

  • We do no cargo ship and you will be responsible for transportation. We do offer flight nanny services. How do you intend to pick up your new kitten?

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